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Bridal Dress

Who doesn't notice a bridal dress? As the bride walks down the aisle, the bridal dress is what many guests may look at. A bridal dress is one of the many highlights in a wedding ceremony-- that is why it should be well made.

What is a bridal dress?

A bridal dress is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Usually, a bridal dress is long and white in colour. This colour is a traditional and popular choice of many brides and is believed by some to symbolise virginity. Other colours may also be used on a bridal dress-- examples of which are blue, purple and yellow.

Who wears a bridal dress?

A bride wears a bridal dress. She may wear it with a veil that conceals her facial features. A bride may also wear a bridal dress with a long back trail attached to the waist. Some trails may fall to the floor or extend several metres behind the bride.

Why should a bridal dress be worn?

One reason a bridal dress should be worn is it is appropriate for this momentous occasion. A wedding is considered sacred and should be conducted as such. If people participating in a wedding may wear casual clothes, the wedding may seem to be of little value and importance.

Another factor that makes a bridal dress a must-wear in a marriage ceremony is the western wedding tradition. Before, people get married not for love but for business, politics and social status. Brides were obliged to wear the best cloths and jewelry pieces they had to show their families' social background. The practice became a tradition, which is observed up to this very day.

When should a bridal dress be worn?

A bridal dress should be worn during the wedding ceremony and the reception. Some brides, however, may choose to wear their bridal dress only during the ceremony and change gowns before the reception. Brides change their outfit for comfort reasons or showing social status.

Where should you go to have a bridal dress made?

You must contact a bridal dress designer to have a bridal dress made. While famous designers may make a bridal dress more special than others, you may also visit seamstresses who can tailor beautiful yet less expensive gowns.

How do you choose the best style for a bridal dress?

To choose the best bridal dress style, you may browse bridal magazines. You may also find ideas in online bridal boutiques and bridal magazines. Just remember to choose a style that is appropriate to your body frame.

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